About Us

Good Earth Essentials is a small startup company working to create a greener future for our city and our world.  If you are interested in helping us succeed in making a difference, your donation would go toward building an inventory full of great products, starting and hosting workshops in our store to educate our community, and allowing us to have a wider reach within the Charlotte area. We greatly appreciate your support!

Hey! We're Tatyana and Emily 


Good Earth Essentials began when two friends came together over a passion to create a more sustainable community. The idea of creating change started from taking a look at all the plastic items we use in our everyday lives.  We wanted an alternative to the countless containers, but finding somewhere to shop that shared the same idea proved to be a rather difficult task. That’s when the idea of a Zero Waste shop came to life! With a little research and a lot of hard work, Good Earth Essentials was born.


Located in the hustle and bustle of Charlotte, North Carolina, Good Earth Essentials is a Zero Waste beauty and lifestyle refill shop for all your daily needs. We strive to bring you the best products that we also use and trust, so you will never need to sacrifice quality for conscience. We believe that taking steps towards a greener future can start with small changes, and we are here to help you make those changes!  If big corporations and governments aren't making the changes necessary to save our earth, it is up to us as consumers to do it.  Our primary goal is to educate our community on the importance of living a greener life and how easily it can be done.  We are committed and passionate about making these changes with our community, and are excited to begin this journey with our fellow Charlotteans.  There's no time to waste, so stop in and see us today!